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    Emma Naylor
    Emma Naylor
    PR Manager

    Up and app them

    Coaliton of mobile operators challenge Apple's app dominance.
    15 Feb 2010

    Editor's Blog

    Up and app them

    Apple dominate the mobile app market with its App Store seeing over two billion downloads in 2009 alone. With such popularity, it is not surprising to learn that the application market is worth well over a billion dollars, with this expected to rise by $6.2 billion by the end of the year. However, an alliance of phone operators have banded together to challenge Apple's monopoly and other companies dominating the market.

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    Haiti: When social media helps the world

    Previously I've written stories on when social media has been twisted and manipulated for evil purposes such as in the case of the Mumbai attacks, but what this past week has shown us is that in moments of crisis and need, social media can be utilised to do immense good.

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    Online Content: To Pay Or Not To Pay?

    Over the past few years sales of mainstream publications have been dwindling and publishers have been forced to embrace the online medium. In recent days Rupert Murdoch of media behemoth NewsCorp has reveled his plans to "hide" his news content from Google and their search bots. Not only that, but he wants readers to pay for the news they consume. We explore points of arguing for and against paid content.

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