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The Growth of Mobile Technologies

Over the past 10 years, information technology has grown so exponentially, that no-one is now tied to a single location in order to do their work, access their emails or check the latest news.

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Online Pirates: Will Severing Their Connection Stop File-Sharing?

For years, the music, film and TV industries have bemoaned file-sharing citing it as the reason they are losing millions each to piracy. In the UK alone, they have estimated that file-sharing sites, like the notorious Pirate Bay, are responsible for losses in the tens of millions. Today however, the UK government has announced new measures to combat 'hardcore copyright pirates'.

Search Engines: A Constantly Evolving Business Tool

It is hard to comprehend of a time before search engines. How did one search for things online? How did users navigate? As strange as it might sound, it all started with a list.

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