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The Good – The Bad – The Ugly


November 18, 2010 []

By Michael Canfield
American Correspondent

This is a unique time in our history.

Worldwide economic uncertainty has put us all on notice.  GOLD IS ON THE RISE.  Here in the United States, we’re pummeled with daily forecasts of national home foreclosures in the millions and as seen on every block of America by those of us lucky enough to be alive and well.  Unemployment reports that are so dismal, it’s questionable that the United States Government is giving us the actual numbers for fear of reprisal.   Americans are divorcing and living below the poverty line at an all time high.  Anguish and stress is written on every ones face.  Tempers are high, road rage is outrageous.   Drug abuse is running rampant and its effects are felt at all levels of American society.  God has been ban from schools and Government buildings… and polite society cannot understand why violence in class rooms is increasing at an unprecedented rate and whore like decisions on Washington’s Capital Hill are the norm.  I wonder why?

The powers that be seem to be putting their heads in the sand or at the very least blaming others insisting they did not create the problems we’re facing today.  The solutions offered are so far off the mark it’s not even funny.

Take the American advertising paid for by the real power elite in America today, through the use of TV and Internet.  Are unrelenting in an effort to drive home a picture of how wonderful it is to BUY-BUY-BUY. They must live in Alice In Wonder Land.   In Hitler’s day it was called propaganda.   The standard of living in America is declining at historic rates, more in line with the “D” word.  When it’s all said and done the Great Depression of 1932 may well seem like a picnic.  Only time will tell.  GOLD IS A GREAT BAROMETER.

The United States Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has opened the flood gates and the American printing  presses take off… Yes it’s time to print fiat money (IOU’s) backed by hot air.  America is BANKRUPT, but no one is saying the B word.   American manufacturing backbone has been systematically dismantled, in the name of short term profits and competition from abroad, resulting in substantially reduced taxes as employers shed unwanted overhead of workers and equipment.  Most of America’s capital equipment has been sold and sent to places like China and Japan and even India so they can manufacture stuff and send it back to America.    We are in debt up to our eyeballs.  How much?  No one really knows.  It’s in the tens of trillions perhaps one hundred trillion or more.  Take every man woman and child in the world (over 6.5 billion) and divide into 100 trillion to understand the magnitude of American debt. That’s about $15,384.61 per person for every man woman and child in the world.  But hey, its Americas problem so let’s divide it by the 300 million Americans that’s $333,333.33 per person, kids and babies included.   Well let’s tax the rich.  Ok… take a look.  With less then one percent of Americans controlling all the wealth of America we could further divide the debt by 3 million Americans and that would put the debt squarely on the shoulders of the money people.  That equates to 33.3 million dollars of debt for the top 3 million wealthiest Americans.  What are the chances of that?  The vast middle class is doing a vanishing act right before our eyes.  In their wake are a substantial group of Americans now living under the poverty line.  So who exactly is going to pay?

  Our taxes do not meet our obligations!  Our obligations are treated like sacred cows, from Health care, to a military might that has no limits on spending.  Dishonest pork (side agreements for agreeing to sign a bill) goes with every major bill of the day passed by the legislatures at every level of Government. Yet bridges, schools, infrastructure and families are failing.  In my town, a new bridge is being built, that sounds like good news.  The only question I have is what traffic is it bridging?  It leads to nowhere…  At this time our city is laying off and cutting back police and school teachers…  but we can build a bridge to nowhere.   Can you say pork?   Not to worry, we can print more fiat money.  That way we can pay our obligations with fake dollars,  ops… I mean fiat dollars.

This is insanity and it is repeating history.  But never on this scale…!  Not now, not ever has intentional inflating been successful in the long run.  Unless you consider the art of making war a goal rather then the result of a frustrated political solution.   American middle class will be gone in a very short time.  It’s already happening!  And they are angry.  There armed and can be dangerous.  This is a plan paved with INTENTIONS to take us to hell… not just America, I mean all of us on this planet.  It is the domino effect of insanity that will get us all.  Wait do nothing and you will see!

Contrary to Government diatribe, we’re all human beings with God given rights of self awareness and free will.  You would think we could do the right thing under such dire circumstances.   Except we live in an economic worldwide network so rigged and controlled by a few perverted, power hungry, selfish, unregulated, unholy, demon like beings that it is almost impossible to know or experience our own personal God given right of free will.  Therefore it’s almost impossible to do the right thing.   Where did it start?  Who sold us that bill of goods anyway?

The Good News!

The bottom line:  MASSIVE INFLATION IS ON IT’S WAY, LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN WITH NO BRAKES.  We all know that Gold is the bellwether indicator.  It’s a great opportunity now for short term GOLD buying. That’s the good news!

The Bad news!

The leadership of America and other parts of the world are suffering from delusions of grandeur lead by personal selfishness and a desire for holding on to power at any cost.   Their goal is to sugar coat the effects of our collective economic condition.  The failure to publicly accept the fact we’re bankrupt and we have to deal with it.  No, it’s much better for future generations to absorb the sorrows of reaping what we sow, these power mongers are trying to put off the inevitable.  Government directed Inflation is nothing more then theft with foreknowledge.  That makes it a felony, a criminal event, but with no consequence.  After all, who can we blame?   If it was done by an individual like you or me we would be jailed.  It’s called bank fraud, writing checks with no money in the bank!  And the worst part of it is there is a massive worldwide effort organized by a few to convince us all it’s for our own good.  Stimulate consumerism say the experts from the Fed, get Americans buying goods and services with dollars that have some purchasing power still there…  Buy our way out of this problem with our meager saving.  INFLATION will not run wild… we can control it!  Wow what a load of crap.

First of all, let me refresh your memory, Germany went through the same thing as have the French and others.  History is very clear.  Only those countries by comparison to America today would be considered small.  And just think of the Hell Adolf Hitler was able to make from this kind of an event.   Then connect the dots… massive financial connections with all countries of our world.    America is a country in debt.  We HAVE NO MANUFACTURING to speak of, our kids are sucking up TV as though it were education.  Hip or slick advertising campaigners present themselves as educators and the parents are letting their kids go with it and the lies march on.  America stopped producing workers and engineers.  We produce lawyers (professional liars) and MBA’s minted from the school of no experience like cookie cutter armies that couldn’t find their own thoughts if their life depended on it.  But they all will swear it’s true if legal says so, after all legal knows what’s right!  Right?  Can you imagine a world run by lawyers, financed by power hungry mongers with cookie cutter MBA’s, I can, Idiots one and all, directed by the demon INSPIRED men of this world.   Need I mention a name?   It’s sounding more like science fiction then fact but don’t be deceived.  Truth always seems stranger then fiction until it’s in our face.  Economic war is on the horizon now.  And make no mistake, wars and rumor of wars are in the hands of lawyers, guided by the unholy.

The Ugly News!

I can only report what I have seen and know.  This is the really ugly part.  Why?  Because, it is now in play, the US Fed is buying up US Bonds with nothing but fancy paper called fiat money.   Newly printed US dollars, back by more of the same “hot air” (IOU’s).  Bernanke’s stated goal is to spend  600 – 900 BILLION US (IOU’s) dollars per year until the problem is solved!  No limit in sight!  Many of the big banking firms have gone on record stating this United States Fed policy is geared to flood the world with US dollars, more likely to be 3 or 4 TRILLION US dollars before we’re finished!  And that is peanuts!  When you consider that in relative terms it’s a token payment of the American debt and balance of trade amounting to 100 trillion or more…  Who’s going to pay it? 

As Americans, we were the buyers of last resort for the worlds production of stuff.  Most of the stuff is JUNK.  Lead by slick advertisers telling us it’s cool.   Here’s some pabulum to quench our thinking.  We are told that we must listen to our doctors tell us how to live allegedly longer lives.  I ask for what?  When I look at Americans whether they are rich or poor, they are FAT and dummied down.  On dating services, they call it “a few extra pounds” yeah sure…  Of course we must pay collectively for health insurance that could bankrupt America and the average citizen in America as well.  Given we have established the highest hospital and doctor rates in the world that now amounts to years of our personal income, when added up as a lump sum for even simple illness calling for a week or so in bed at a hospital.  No problem, our employer’s will pay the insurance premiums.  Who’s kidding who?  We have no employers and the ones we do have are electing to NOT pay to the extent of the law.  Small businesses are all but decimated.  I know firsthand, because I’m a small business man and have spent the better part of my life as one.  Small business was the back bone of America.  That was before Wal Mart.  Now the drum beat for the unemployed; own your own service business or franchise.  Not a chance Godzilla!   The big multi-nationals are contracting personal services abroad with the cheapest service providers doing cookie cutter work all the way to MBA.  Need your phone answered or a slick personal sales pitch… no problem, some nice lady from the Philippians can handle it.   Once again competing with small business in the service arena, the last vestige of American revenues and the holy grail of the new world order.   So they say?  Whoever they are?   Have you ever tried to compete for attention just to do some service business?  Try Google, if you’re a small business person, you will find the truth once again.  Advertising is for the rich folk.   Once again proving Americans are like sheep, the problem is we’re sheared out!   America is no longer an Economic Power.  It’s a lame duck, a sick puppy, a sheep with no fur, we’re drowning and we will take you down with us!

America is suffering from hyper inflation now!

But  you just don’t see it yet!   It’s being hidden with smoke and mirrors.  The first crack happened a few years back when the financial house of cards started coming apart.  No kidding its true.   The black art of derivative’s (an MBA specialty) is blamed and at the same time has allowed the clever lawyers to came to our rescue and covered it up.  Genius for sure!  The truth is masked by the national housing bubble that burst as a part of the last trickledown effect from massive layoffs, factory shut downs, services being off-shored and fake money lending from credit card scams of galactic proportion to home loans given without regard to credit worthiness.  If you were American with a heartbeat you would have qualified for a home loan of really any amount you desired.  Wow that’s cool.  I deserve the best.  Give me one of these masons please.  What’s your income sir?  Well I’m not sure, how much do I need to make to qualify?  Hmmm let’s say $200,000 per year income. Don’t I need to show my w-2 income forms.  Nope!  Okay… 200K it is.  Oh by the way what do you do?  I’m in the SERVICE business.  I drive a bus!  Great… your approved!   Multiply this millions of times and simply add it to some derivative package.  Hey its still floating around somewhere.  Well until… NOW!  It’s time to wake up, it’s here and it’s hidden like a cancer, its insidious and its growing daily.  As the first light of truth oozes out to the light of day it will devour the world.   Is there a real doctor in the house?  We have an insidious disease that is infecting us all.

In the short term this hidden Inflation may work for America by selling fake dollars at the expense of the rest of the world.  Let’s call it payback time!  It’s a little like saying, I have an insidious cancer, so I will share it with my children and my children’s children and the rest of the world and as a result of my thoughtfulness my diligence, my foresight and my concern for all mankind…  I will be blessed by God Almighty… and be healed of my cancer.  Fat chance!

People’s knee jerk reaction for anyone holding American Dollars is to buy now before the dollar loses more of its value.   That’s good news for the American Government that cooked up this scam, but most of us (the majority of Americans) will not be effected because we do not have any money anyway. Unless your old and on a social security.  It’s funny how the government has curtailed any adjustments for inflation just before they drop the hammer on us all.   And isn’t it funny that the Federal Government  employs more people then any company in America and they pay more then double the average street pay for the same job and are given regular cost of living adjustments to keep up with inflation?  There has got to be a lawyer here somewhere.  I’m sure it’s perfectly legal.   Oh sure you hear about how it will take a wheelbarrow full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread.  But who cares how many zeros are behind a number if you were using a debit card…  smile.    China will be bagged and tagged for its conspiracy to own America’s debt in exchange for puffing up their manufacturing through American consumerism.  Can we say payback!  Who’s next?  Any takers?  America has some great US dollars on sale!  I would recommend India as the next big buyer. 

How much real value is lost already?

When America was backed by gold, a 20 dollar gold piece cost 20 dollars.   Today it takes 70 twenty dollar fiat bills to buy one 20 dollar gold piece.  Soon, we will need hundreds of 20 dollar fiat bills to buy one 20 dollar gold piece.  How much of this fiat money do you own?

The short term effect is the creation of a huge financial bubble I call pent up INSIDIOUS INFLATION, when it lets go in America hyperinflation will set in that will be felt around the world.

My recommendation:   Sell US Dollars as fast as you can and buy Gold.  Hedge your assets now before it’s too late.  Gold producers of the world… make hay while the sun shines, but don’t forget to keep a little for yourself.

Trick me once call it learning.  Trick me twice and call me stupid.  Trick me thrice and we go to war.

Your eyes and ears correspondent to the American economy of the day.

To your Success…

Michael Canfield

author of:


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