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GDS International Investigates Global Warming Scam

The global warming scam is the biggest hoax in history, according to some. Started by Al Gore in 1995, the global warming scam is responsible for a great deal of alarm throughout the world population. Also known as "climate change", there are both believers that feel it is real, and non-believers who are certain that there is no such thing.

According to, the global warming scam is the biggest scam in history. This site proposes that environmental and political motives were behind the manipulations of long-term scientific data by some less than reputable scientists. As government continued to fuel the movement with large research grants, more unscrupulous scientist jumped on the band wagon. Eventually, the global warming scam was taking hold all over the world, though most were completely gullible and believed all of the hype.

Over the years, many things have been attributed to the global warming scam; people were convinced that insecticides, car fuel emissions and other "greenhouse" gases, carbon dioxide and other substances were contributing to the future condition of the atmosphere for our children. Today, there are people who are still taken in by the global warming scam, but the topic is not as threatening as it once was.

Many believe the topic has long been overblown and misdirected. Below you will find some of the most convincing evidence that the global warming scam is just that - a scam.

Evidence really is not so convincing, according to scientists. A group of more than 17,000 scientists found that the human release of methane, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases did not contribute significantly to the heating or destruction of the Earth's climate or atmosphere.

Scientists study temperatures in the lower troposphere via satellite readings. Temperatures in this area are the most indicative of global warming, if it were real. These reliable sources show no warming in the years since this method has been in use some 30 years ago.

Urban development generates heat, which is why some land-based temperature stations show higher than average temperature readings; as the land continues to be developed in to crowded suburban, city and metropolitan areas, a higher temperature reading is normal.

The global warming scam has long been a threat and even a frightening thought to many; even efforts to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions in a rapid manner would not affect the fact that the Earth's climate is changing. What it would do is cost billions of dollars, as attempting to reduce U.S. carbon dioxide emissions requires much higher energy taxes.

The global warming scam, according to some, is simply a ruse designed to enable environmental advocacy groups to raise billions of dollars in government grants and contributions. Is it a hoax, or isn't it? Some believe that the global warming scam is simply an attempt by politicians and unethical scientists to predict doom and gloom, while wasting big money to fund their cause. Whether or not global warming is a scam is still a question in the minds of many; perhaps this is a topic that will not be resolved in our life time.

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