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The Journey of a Tweet: How Twitter Posts Becomes Viral

With social media becoming more and more prevalent, news and images can be spread around the world within a matter of seconds. ‘Tweets’ in particular have increasingly become a major source of news with politicians, celebrities, Hollywood and everyday people posting exclusives on Twitter, best products lists, only to have them picked up by other people and spread around the globe.

Websites have been set up to report the news delivered from tweets, such as BreakingTweets and some news sites, such as Sky News, now have ‘Twitter correspondents’.

On the other hand, the lack of a Tweet can cause news, such as when it was revealed that President Obama does not even use Twitter.

As such, we decided to have a look at the journey of a Tweet and how it evolves from a simple 140-character long message to a Google news story.

infographics showing the journey of a tweet
An infographics showing the journey of a tweet

Tweets have even created Breaking News, such as in the case of Wang Zifei, who has become an overnight sensation in China after images of her sitting behind President Obama, during his recent Shanghai speech and “town hall meeting” with Chinese youth, hit Twitter.

Later photos showed her confidently shaking the President’s hand, leading many Chinese bloggers to speculate who this confident, attractive young girl was. The attention has been so strong, that people have even commented on her clothing at the time, leading Ms Wang to respond to such comments on her blog.

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