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GDS Investigates Sports Fixing Scam

Is there really such a thing as a sports fixing scam? In some sports, absolutely; in others, the answer isn't quite so clear.

A "sports fixing scam" simply means that things aren't as they appear to be. While a professional football game may appear to be totally legitimate, what is going on behind the scenes? Are referees leaning toward one team to win, making bad calls? It has long been believed by many that horse racing often engages in a sports fixing scam; everyone except the general public spending money to bet on the race knows which horse is going to win prior to the race ever starting.

A sports fixing scam doesn't necessarily mean you will only lose money if it involves placing a bet. There are many things that may be considered a sports fixing scam. Some people are certain that all professional sports that are televised are fixed in some way; football, basketball, soccer and other sports that people dearly love and often revolve their lives around are franchises that participate in sports fixing scams. TV networks "hold hands" with these leagues; they pour billions of dollars in to these much-loved sports and "fix" games so that the drama runs high and fans keep coming back for more.

What does this mean to you? Even though you may never believe that your favorite professional team would be involved in a sports fixing scam, think about all of the time and money you may have invested. Satellite TV or special sports channels so you can enjoy the games, tickets to attend the game, trading cards, placing bets - it's important that you are completely dedicated to these teams, so that you are willing to spend money.

Not surprisingly, the explosion of the internet has contributed to the sports fixing scam today; sports money scams are on the rise. In most cases, these so-called sports games and activities claim that you can make easy money. While there are many methods that are not straight forward and honest when it comes to betting on sports, the sports fixing scam often involves an individual or group of individuals actually "fixing" the results of a game, match or race. People believe they can buy their way in to some sort of secret system that will guarantee a win.

This type of sports fixing scam is believed by many to take place in football and other athletics, along with car or motor sports racing and horses. In this example, members of a sports organization or even players may "throw" the results of a game or race. Why is this done, and what are the benefits? The ones "throwing" the results or others that they are involved with can rake in a large bet that has been placed.

Is there such a thing as a sports fixing scam? Some individuals are absolutely certain this type of things goes on, while others think it may simply be an overactive imagination on the part of those who purport that it does go on behind the scenes. Whether or not there is a sports fixing scam in every type of sport is really not known; no matter what the answer is, it's doubtful that the general public will stop enjoying their favorite sports any time in the near future.

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